Historical Documents on Microwave Health Effects

Captain James G. "Jerry" Flynn, Canadian Armed Forces, RET

28 March 2016  O'Dwyer's | Inside News of Public Relations and Marketing Relations
Governments, Authorities Ignore 60+ Years of Dangers of Wi-Fi. 
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02 May 2015  Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon
Military Electronic Warfare Expert Warns of Covert Genocide
Jerry Flynn

"Since the 1950s, Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries have  been researching electromagnetic frequencies to determine which are the most harmful to humans."
For access to more historical documents visit Dr. Magda Havas' website:
The History of the Health Effects from RF and Microwave Radiation from the Archives of Zory Glaser, PhD
12 May 2013  Barrie Trower (Clip 5 of 14) - Schools are not insured against microwave damage (01:27 minutes)


(Microwave) Weapons Don't Belong In School

20 August 2013  Wi-Fi, Microwaves and the Consequences to Our Health - Barrie Trower (14:20 min)
11 February 2012  
Barrie Trower (1 of 13) Radiation Scientist and Expert Discusses Effects of Microwave Radiation (14:37 minutes)
31 March 2015  Boil the Frog Slowly with special guest Jerry Flynn 
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Barrie Trower

20 August 2012  ​Jerry Flynn - Trained By the Military In Radio Warfare (39.02), CSTinBC
"I trained at the Government (Ministry of Defense) microwave warfare establishment(s) early in the 1960s covering all aspects of microwave (MW) radiation technology, uses and health dangers. Later works included underwater bomb-disposal, which incorporated MW technology.  In the late 1960’s and 1970’s a part of my task was to extract confidential (hither to secret) information from master criminals, terrorists, and spies. This included Cold War MW technology.  My first degree is in Physics with a specialization in microwaves.  My second degree is a research degree.  I have a teaching diploma in human physiology. Before retiring, I taught advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.  I am Scientific Advisor to the Radiation Research Trust and the H.E.S.E. (Human Ecological Social Economical) Project."
​12 May 2013  Barrie Trower (Clip 2 of 14) - No Safe Level of Microwave Radiation for Children
Microwaves As Weaponry 

In Section VI - Trends, Conclusions and Forecasts, pages 25 - 26 of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s report titled, Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries (1976), the possibilities of microwave frequencies in military application are explained:

“Soviet scientists are fully aware of the biological effects of low-level microwave radiation which might have offensive weapons application.”

“Their internal sound perception research has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel.”

“The Soviets have also studied the psychophysiological and metabolic changes and the alterations of brain function resulting from exposure to mixed frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.”

“One physiological effect which has been demonstrated is heart seizure…by beaming the signal at the thoracic area.”

“Another possibility is alteration of the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.  This could allow neurotoxins in the blood to cross.  As a result, an individual could develop severe neuropathological symptoms and either die or become seriously impaired neurologically.”

"The above study is recommended reading material for those consumers who have an interest in the application of microwave energy to weapons.  A discussion of weapons is not within the scope of this study."

*More historical documents are listed at the bottom of this page.
"Inconceivably, precious children and their teachers are forced - every moment they are at school - to sit in classrooms with powerful industrial-grade Wi-Fi routers above their heads that emit the more dangerous 'pulsed' form of M/W radiation on frequencies which the U.S. military knows are lethal to all human organs and organ systems: 2.4 GHz or both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz!  Wi-Fi routers emit their pulsed non-thermal radiation in all directions constantly, 24/7/365, blanketing entire areas ranging in distance from just hundreds of feet out to encompass a school's entire property!"
 ​​​~ James G. "Jerry" Flynn, RET Captain, Canadian Armed Forces
​12 May 2013  Barrie Trower (Clip 1 of 14) - Irreparable DNA Damage from Non-Ionising Radiation
Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (SSITA)
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"I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the ʻForcesʼin Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), the former of which included two years in National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ) Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). In EW I worked closely with U.S. and NATO armies; attended a major NATO army EW officersʼ course in Anzio, Italy, and participated in a major NATO army EW field exercise in Germany. I accepted invitations to visit both the U.S. Pentagon and, subsequently, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (the US Armyʼs principal EW base). Earlier still, I conducted Radio Warfare/EW at sea aboard two Canadian warships. In SIGINT, I was the Executive Officer and Operations Officer for two years at one of Canadaʼs largest and most sensitive radio intelligence-gathering stations, where I employed some 200+ specially-trained radio operators who conducted both COMINT and ELINT under my direction. Throughout this period, I worked closely with the USAʼs NSA and Britainʼs GCHQ."
​04 October 2012  National Day of Action Against Smart Meters With Jerry Flynn  (01:47:17), CSTinBC
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30 March 2016 All American Banner  Volume 2o, Issue 4  Imprisoning Children and Teachers in Microwaved Classrooms Is a Crime Beyond Belief!  (See page 4)  Also, Text PDF 
21 December 2012
Amended Declaration of Barrie Trower  David Morrison vs. Oregon Public Schools (Wi-Fi in schools related lawsuit)
September 2013  Barrie Trower
Report: Wi-Fi - A Thalidomide In The Making.  Who Cares?​ 
​12 May 2013  Barrie Trower (Clip 3 of 14) - Electro-Sensitivity in School Children (01:16 minutes)
  • Microwave frequencies are used in military weaponry.  Microwaves are considered the perfect weapon because they are invisible, undetectable and they leave no trace.  

  • Microwave frequencies, regardless of how low, are all hazardous to humans.  The most harmful frequencies to human beings are within the 900 MHz to 5 GHz range. 

  • Pulsed microwaves are especially harmful.

  • Different microwave frequencies produce a variety of harmful effects.  Over many decades, the U.S. and Russian governments have carefully studied and catalogued these effects.

  • Pulsed microwave frequencies used in military applications are also used in our children's classrooms to transmit data via wireless networks and devices, using the 2.4 GHz or 2.4 and 5.8 GHz range. 

  • Distinguished military experts are warning us that microwave frequencies are very dangerous and  DO NOT belong in our homes or schools!
12 May 2013  Barrie Trower (Clip 4 of 14) - Why won't schools confirm in writing that Wi-Fi is Safe? (00:37)

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