National Association for Children and Safe Technology
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Full Signal
A documentary about Cell Towers that features scientists, lawmakers and everyday people to investigate the impact of cellular technology.  Watch the trailer here.

Generation Zapped
A feature length documentary about children and Wireless radiation. Watch the trailer here.  

The Grounded

Filmed in Haines, Alaska, this full length movie explores the health benefits of connecting with the earth's electromagnetic field by walking barefoot.  Visit The Grounded website and watch the trailer here.  Watch the full length movie here.  (1 hour 14 minutes)

A new documentary about Cell phone Radiation and features interviews with scientists and policymakers.  Watch the trailer here

Resonance - Beings of Frequency

A feature length documentary exploring the impact of man made radiation on our health and wellbeing.  Watch the movie here. ( 1hour 28 minutes)

Searching for a Golden Cage

This documentary explores the reality of a growing number of people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS and their journey to find a safe haven.  Learn more and watch the trailer here.

Take Back Your Power - Investigating the "Smart Grid"
Every building and home in the U.S. now has a smart meter installed on it.  Smart meters emit a pulse of microwave radiation every 90 seconds or so.  This documentary takes a closer look at the impact of smart meters and the smart grid in our lives; exploring it's impact on human health, energy costs, your privacy and more.  Watch the trailer here.