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May 2016  Las Vegas, Nevada
Parent has been testifying at Clark County School Board meetings for several years
• Go on the school district’s website and read what the rules are for making public comment.  Many districts    require that the speaker fill out and submit a card to make a comment.  Know the time limit for speaking; determine where to turn the card in.

• For those that are not comfortable with making off-the-cuff remarks, you might find it helpful to type your comments out and time them so that they conform to the time allowed.  There are online stopwatches to help with this.  School districts will cut off speakers, mid sentence, if they exceed the time allowed.

• Practice your comments so that you are at ease when making them.

15 February 2015  Mother Speaks on Wi-Fi Health Issue in California Board Meeting
​19 November 13 "You will be faced with lawsuits” states Chemist to California School Board 11/19/2013
Inspirational Videos - Parents, Teachers & Students Speak Up 4 Kids
Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative Brochure (PDF) - Educate members of your community about this critical issue.

NEW! #TIO4Kids Initiative 5"x7" Postcard - A quick and easy summary of the initiative!  

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NEW!  The Turn It Off 4 Kids Update Page - To keep up with any significant developments, NACST is providing the Turn It Off 4 Kids Update Page which can easily be inserted into our Turn It Off 4 Kids Brochure.  This page will be updated on an as needed basis.  

Here is a resource document including the web links for the references found on page-4 of the TIO4Kids Brochure.

Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative Petition Letter Size (PDF) or Legal Size (PDF) - Ask members of your community to show their support by signing the Turn It Off 4 Kids petition.  Please note, this is an informal document and may not be acceptable to an organization / government agency you are petitioning.   Check with the organization first to see what they require for an official petition.  You may need to create your own petition form based on this example. 

NEW! TIO4Kids Endorsements - Share with others in your community a list of all the endorsements we have received!  Last updated September 2017.
19 November 13 "Children are getting nosebleeds from the wireless technology" Father states to CA School Board
​09 February 2016  US High School Student Calls For Answers on Wireless Radiation
We have updated the Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative by including new resources to help parents advocate for their child(ren)'s safety in school.  We hope you find them useful!  The Initiative has been update so it can be presented to any organizations / policymakers in your local and state communities.
Script #1   Shift away from wireless  |  French Cell Phone Statute  |  French Law   |  United Federation of Teachers  |    New York State Teacher’s Union

Script #2   LAUSD First Reasonable Accommodation from wireless radiation  |  Austrian Medical Association recognition of EHS  |  Prof.  Olle Johansson quote  |  Deborah Kopald “Legal and Public Health Problems of the Wireless Age”

Script #3   “Some Tips To Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation”, Center for Family and Community Health, U.C. Berkeley  |  Doctors For Safer Schools  |  The BabySafe Project

Script #4   WHO cancer classification  |  Dr.  Anthony Miller “2a”  |  Hardell, Carlberg “Group 1”  |  Italian Supreme Court Ruling 2012  |  Martha Herbert, Ph.D., MD quote

Script #5   EMF Scientists’ Appeal to U.N., WHO  |  Open Letter to U.S. Sec of Education  |  Dr.  Roxana Marachi Public Testimony, UCLA  |  Laws and actions taken:  France, Israel, Ashland, MA  |  U.S. Lawsuits

Script #6    Oregon State House Bill 3350  |  Washington State, Means for Change  |  California State PTA Resolution  |   NEA 2015/15 Resolutions  |  California Medical Association Resolution 107-14

Script #7   Liability notice served to NY school district  |   PTA:  “Remove the Wi-Fi from Classrooms”  |  R.I.  math teacher speaks out

Script #8   Haifa, Israel bans Wi-Fi from schools  |  Argentina will take up a bill that calls for hard wired connections in schools  |   Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol to replace existing wireless networks in schools  |  Ghent Municipality, Belgium banned wireless for under age 3

Script #9   1981 NASA report  |  Canadian Medical Association Journal  |  Canadian teachers’ unions  |  Canadian student speaks out

Script #10   EHS  |  Erica Mallory-Blythe, MD  |  Austrian Medical Association  |  Dr.  Belpomme  |   Jenny Fry suicide  |  Peter Sullivan  |  Jeromy Johnson
1.)  Hardwire all new technology in our schools and other educational settings,
such as libraries, auditoriums, gymnasiums / recreational facilities and dormatories.

2.)  Replace existing wireless technology with hardwired systems in our schools and
other educational settings.

3.)  Create or adopt a health curriculum for Grades K – 12 which educates students on identifying sources of wireless radiation with an emphasis on avoidance of exposure.

4.)  Engage in community outreach to educate the public regarding simple steps to avoid exposure, especially for children and pregnant women.
28 May 2014  ​LAUSD students bleeding from ear and nose, reports teacher
09 February 2016  Parent addresses the FJUHSD Trustees on wireless radiation 2/9/2016
Open Letters From Experts re: Wi-Fi In Schools


NACST Public Comment 3 Minute Sample Scripts 

13 May 2014 Math Teacher Raises Concerns About WiFi Comparing the Effects To A Concussion

Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative Toolkit - ​# TIO4Kids  

Tips for Board of Education Public Comment​s

​09 February 2016  Mother Calls for Safe Hardwired Technology in Schools
Some of us may be new to making public comments at school board meetings.  In an effort to make this easier, we have provided some scripts that have been used by other parents.

Each script has a listing of the topic(s) covered; this is on the Index.  These scripts are for you to edit as you see fit.  Editing the scripts is simple:  copy the content from the .pdf and then paste into a word document and you are ready to start making changes.

A word of caution, as science, laws, and actions are continually changing, the script might require updating to reflect those changes.  Additionally, please make sure you read the script and edit to fit your situation, so that the message is clear and appropriate. The scripts are not intended to be taken verbatim, but modified to reflect your particular environment.  For example, many of these scripts start off with “Good evening” and that might not be accurate for the meeting you attend.  We hope you find these a useful start to addressing your school board.
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