Cell Tower Health Briefing ~ starts around 18:00 minutes

Study in  La Nora Spain (2001) –  on sleep disturbance, depression, poor concentration, and dizziness; “significant increases with people closer to the cell tower"

The Findings are Conclusive: Safety is NOT Assured.

"Radio Frequencies emitted from mobile phone towers will have deleterious medical effects to  people within the near vicinity according to a large body of scientific literature. Babies and children will be particularly sensitive to the  mutagenic and carcenogenic effects of the radio frequency radiation. It is therefore criminal to place one of these aerials on or near a school."

-Helen Caldicott, MD, Pediatrician and co-founder of Physicians For Social Responsibility

Dr. Dart and Dr. Pall  ~  Oregon State Committee on Health 

Studies Referenced from the World Health Organization

Santini et al, 2002 (France): 
530 people living near mobile phone masts reported more symptoms of headache, sleep disturbance, discomfort, irritability, depression, memory loss and concentration problems the closer they lived to the mast.

Navarro E, 2003 (Spain): 
Statistically significant positive exposure-response associations between field intensity and fatigue, irritability, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeping disorder, depressive tendency, feeling of discomfort, difficulty in concentration, loss of memory, visual disorder, dizziness and cardiovascular problems. Two different exposure groups also showed an increase of the declared severity in the group with the higher exposure.

Bortkiewicz et al, 2004 (Poland): 
Residents close to mobile phone masts reported: more incidences of circulatory problems, sleep disturbances, irritability, depression, blurred vision and concentration difficulties the nearer they lived to the mast.

Wolf et al, 2004 (Israel): 
A four-fold increase in the incidence of cancer among residents living within 300m radius of a mobile phone mast for between three and seven years was detected.
Eger et al, 2004 (Germany): 
A three-fold increase in the incidence of malignant tumours was found after five years’ exposure in people living within 400m radius of a mobile phone mast.

Hutter et al, 2006 (Austria): 
A significant correlation between measured power density and headaches, fatigue, and difficulty in concentration in 365 subjects.

Abdel-Rassoul et al, 2007 (Egypt): 
Residents living beneath and opposite a long established mobile phone mast reported significantly higher occurrences of headaches, memory changes, dizziness, tremors, depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance than a control group.

Oberfeld et al, 2008 (Austria): 
All subjects reported various symptoms during exposure including buzzing in the head, heart palpitations, unwellness, lightheadedness, anxiety, breathlessness, respiratory problems, nervousness, agitation, headache, tinnitus, heat sensation, and depression.

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This chart demonstrates how many schools generate income by leasing their land for cell phone towers.  But does this really make sense?
Should Schools be Hosting Commercial Enterprises?

We know that our school systems need money-  but placing microwave transmitting towers made of solid metal and high voltage power lines near our children is not the answer.

We Support prioritizing education!
We Support well trained teachers!

We Do Not Support
Cell Towers on School Grounds 

Schools, Playgrounds & Cell Towers

Another issue of great concern is the placement of cell phone towers in close proximity to schools and playgrounds.  Parent groups from around the country are voicing their concerns regarding this important issue.   A cell phone tower next to a school represents a continuous source of microwave radiation exposure for the children and teachers who spend most of their day at school. 

Learn More About How to Take Action to Stop a Cell Tower Here . Resources and Links!

National Association for Children and Safe Technology