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Wi-Fi Weaponry
(Microwave) Weapons Don't Belong In School
It is shocking to know that the frequencies used as military weaponry are some of the same frequencies used by wireless networks and devices in schools!  Distinguished military experts are warning us - this situation poses a serious threat to our children and future generations.
Education Reform
The Anatomy of 21st Century Education Reform, Part I  report looks at the history of the E-rate Program and NETFC.  Includes key highlights, diagrams, charts and a wealth of resources.

Safe Schools
NACST supports safe technology and a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.  Find out about schools that have removed Wi-Fi.
Schools, Playgrounds & Cell Towers
Explore the issue of cell towers situated near or on school property and also cell towers near playgrounds.
ConnectED is a federal proposal to modernize the e-Rate program and create a wireless infrastructure in all schools across the country.  The federal government is promoting ConnectED to support  'Digital Learning'. 
Wi-Fi in School Websites
​From the U.S. and around the world, you will find excellent websites dedicated to the issue of Wifi in schools. 
Protecting Children: A Parent's Right & Responsibility
School Videos
Watch informative videos on the subject of wifi in schools and cell towers near schools.
Parent / Teacher Organizations
In the U.S. and  Canada  parent /teacher organizations are advocating for wireless safety in schools.  Learn more about their positions on this issue here.
Also visit our State by State Directory for more contact information.

School:  Section Overview

Take Action in Your School
Information on how to advocate for safe technology at your child's school.
Cell Tower Action
Learn what you can do to prevent a cell tower from being built on school property or near your home.


Writing Tips
Information provided on how to write letters to elected officials, organizations, school boards, etc.
Organization Contacts
Easy access to contact information for various organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and many more.
Flyers and Brochures
We have selected a handful of choice resources to assist you when communicating with other parents, educators, organizations, etc.
Expert Letters
These are letters written by doctors, scientists and leaders of organizations advocating for protecting children from exposure to wireless radiation in schools.
Parent Letters
Sample letters written by parents who are advocating for their children.  Many letters address the wifi in schools issue because it represents a serious health concern.
When push comes to shove, it's parents who care the most about their children, not big corporations or government bureaucracies.  We are sometimes put in the position of needing to advocate for our children.  Protecting children from wireless radiation in schools and elsewhere is one issue worth advocating for and parents are the best advocates for their children.  Don't you agree?  Indeed, it may seem a daunting task to understand the issue at hand and take action.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.  Please take the time to learn more.  Knowledge is Power.
For our children it's most certainly worth the effort!

Safety First with Our School Technology.  

Be Informed + Take Action +  Pass it On...

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