National Association for Children and Safe Technology
"This website aims to provide more information about the science (Scientific Research and Health Issues for Schools), about International concerns and the Precautionary Approach which some people are now taking with regard to these technologies.  The hope is for this information to become more widely known, so that parents and schools will be better equipped to make informed decisions about which technologies schools should be choosing for children and teenagers to use."  (excerpt from website)

"WiFi in Schools Australia is made up of parents who have researched the scientific literature on the biological effects of EMR and also the background to the ongoing debate.  Parents volunteer their time to help raise awareness on the implications of schools using wireless technology. Some parents involved include those in the IT industry, Environmental Sciences, Child Rights, Education and Journalism."  (exerpt from website)

This website is dedicated to helping the public realize that wireless internet, or WiFi, emits radiation that causes a myriad of serious health problems.  Offers evidence and resources to help parents become educated on the subject as well as advocate for their children.

An informative Blog focusing on the issue of WiFi in schools with many excellent facts and resources.

SSITA is a UK based  Alliance of Partner organisations, parents, teachers, scientists, lawyers and other experts.  Their website has a large amount of educational materials, research information  and examples of letters written by parents and scientists on the issue.

Our doctors are concerned and ask:  why not choose proven safer-tech solutions and adopt the pre-cautionary principle?  And with the safer use of technology our young people – from kindergarten to college and beyond – can be:  Tech-savvy, Connected, And Healthy. This generation can also avoid digital addiction and keep connected with each other and with the natural world.  There's scientific evidence that wireless microwave radiofrequency (RF) radiation causes damage.

Website in Spanish dedicated to the issue of WiFi in schools.

RFEMF is a web site designed to help people understand the dangers of too much RF/EMF in our lives and in our children's lives. 

Excellent blog with wonderful resources and insights into the issue of WiFi in schools.

School Websites

Excellent websites dedicated exclusively to schools and wireless safety issues such as Wi-Fi and cell phone towers.