National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Important Letters from Parents and Teachers

Parents care deeply for their children.  Teachers care for their students.  Many have taken it upon themselves to write letters on behalf of their children and children in general.  These sample letters are meant for inspiration.

15 October 2014
Cupertino, We Have a Problem. | Wifi & Kids | An Open Letter to Apple Inc.
by Louise Kuo Kabakus, Fearless Parent Website

August 14, 2014
For Students' Safety Turn Off WiFi In Schools
by Darryl Barker, Webster-Kirkwood Times, Missouri

July 17, 2014
Electromagnetic Radiation Could Harm the Yelm Community
by Cornelia O’Leary, M.D. Nisqually Valley News

April 2014
Community Opinion:  A Call for Wireless Classroom Ban
Fullerton Observer, California See page 2

22 April 2014
A Bonanza of WiFi Trumps Our Children
by Martine Victor, Vermont

15 Februrary 2014
An Editor's Open Letter to you about protecting children from microwave radiation
by Peter Limbrick

Letter to the Editor On the Microwave Cell Tower next to the School
by Janean Lush, posted on Georgian Bay News

Should Wifi be used in Schools?
by Lynn Quiring, printed in Teacher News Magazine