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13 April 2016
NACST Press Release - Scientists Conclude Child's Brain & Inner Ear Undergo Serious Risk When Exposed to Wireless  PDF version

National advocacy group correlates children's exposure to wireless radiation as a risk factor for developing Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Learn more about the topic of wireless and SPD here.

January 2015
NACST launchesTurn It Off 4 Kids, an initiative endorsed by prominent scientists, physicians and wireless safety advocates.  Letters are being sent to organizations asking them to make children's health and exposure to wireless radiation in educational settings an immediate priority for 2015.  We are asking these organizations to take the following actions:

1.  Call for all new school technology to be hardwired.
2.  Call to replace existing wireless technology systems with hardwired systems.
3.  Call for the implementation of primary prevention efforts such as educating the public about simple steps to reduce exposure, especially in regards to children and pregnant women.
4.  Educate their organization's members and audience on the issue by emails, informational web pages, updated materials, and all other means possible.

For more details, please visit the Turn It Off 4 Kidswebpage.

10 October 2014
NACST Press Release ~  Los Angeles Unified School District Accomodates Teacher Who Fell Ill After Wireless Installation

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