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02 December 2014
Suffolk County, New York
Suffolk County Resolution on Wireless Routers was unanimously passed.  The resolution, sponsored by William Spencer (D-Centerport), warns that every wireless device emits radio frequency radiation or microwave radiation but notes that studies on human cells and DNA are inconclusive.  All county buildings will now be required to inform citizens by posting notices where ever a router is located.

18 November 2014
Berkeley, California
Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance Referral to the City Manager
The Berkeley City Council adopted a refferal to the City Manager on a 7 - 2 vote.  The referral asks the City Manager to draft a cell phone "right to know" ordinance.  Read more about the ordinance referral at SaferEMR.

08 July 2014
Berkeley, California
Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance Memorandum
Memorandum sent from Berkeley Councilmembers,  Kriss Worthington and Maxwell Anderson proposing an ordinance to require a warning label for cell phones:

"RECOMMENDATION:  Refer to City Manager and Community Health Commission for the creation of an ordinance to require cell phone retailers to place a sticker on cell phone boxes, either at the point of purchase or prior to having the products placed on the shelves, warning consumers of the risk of brain cancer when using cell phones within a 10 mm distance of their body.

BACKGROUND:  Essential to understanding the intent of this recommendation is the fact that what is proposed is not a new addition to consumer safety, but rather an attempt to further the effectiveness of current efforts. Per status quo, the warnings of the danger of cell phone use within the recommended 10 mm radius are already present; however, the ease of access does not accurately reflect the threat of damage. This warning is either hidden within cell phones themselves in folders within folders, or deep in the pages of manuals – both of which are areas few consumers inspect manuals. Having a sticker would combat this flaw by bringing direct attention to the fact."

08 November 2013
Cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reply Comments of Cities of Boston and Philadelphia regarding FCC ET Docket No. 13-84 (Reassessment of Federal Communications Commission Radiofrequency Exposure Limits and Policies) and FCC ET Docket No. 03-137 (Proposed Changes in the Commission's Rules Regarding Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields)

26 October 2012
Jimmy Gonzalez was a Florida attorney who developed brain cancer after 10 years of cell phone use.  He also developed tumors in his hand and torso, underneath where he carried his cell phone.  Jimmy was an advocate for safety who was instrumental in getting the Pembroke Pines Commission in Florida where he lived to pass a Cell Phone Safety Resolution - Proposed resolution No. 2012 - R - 41 | Resolution No. 3362.

26 July 2011
San Francisco, California
San Francisco Cell Phone Ordinance

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