National Association for Children and Safe Technology
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There are many outstanding websites addressing the topic of EMF/ RFR safety.  Here are some you can access for more information.
Links to Important Websites 
Antenna Search​
Type in any address in the United States to find information about existing cell phone towers, future cell phone towers, antennas and ownership information, within a 4 mile radius.

Bioinitiative 2012
An extensive report authored by scientists from the U.S. and other countries calling for the reform of outdated safety standards due to the mounting evidence of health effects from non-thermal microwaves.  The current safety standards are based on the old assumption that microwave radiation is only harmful if it heats tissue.  

  • The 2012 Bioinitiative Summary for the Public:
  • The complete Bioinitiative Report (1479 pages of scientific evidence):

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
Dr.  Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley School of Public Health started this blog to detail the science related to electromagnetic radiation.  This site holds all of his news releases, radio shows and compilations of information on RF Radiation.  We highly recommend you take the time to go to his blog.

Environment and Human Health
EHH is made up of doctors, public health professionals and policy experts committed to the reduction of environmental health risks to individuals.  They prepared a very informative Cell Phone Report that summarizes the Science of Wireless radiation.  You can download the report off the website link we have provided.

Lennart Hardell's Blog
Dr.  Hardell is the internationally respected scientist who headed up some of the studies used by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer to classify RF as a possible carcinogen.  His blog is invaluable as he posts his research and critical scientific news events related to microwave radiation.  He also helped author the cell phone radiation chapter by the European Environmental Agency publication Late Lessons from Early Warnings.

Canadians for Safe Technology
Citizens for Safe Technology is a Canadian non-profit, "volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts whose mission is to educate and inform Canadians and thier policy makers about the dangers of the exposures to unsafe levels of radiation from technology and to work within all levels of government to create healthier communities for children and families from coast to coast."

Citizens for Safe Technology
Citizens for Safe Technology Society is a not-for-profit educational society made up of Canadian and U.S. parents, grandparents, teachers, business professionals, physicians, scientists, politicians and lawyers concerned about the exponential increase in public exposures to harmful wireless technologies.

Wifi inSchools UK
"This website aims to provide more information about the science (Scientific Research and Health Issues for Schools), about International Concerns and the Precautionary Approach which some people are now taking with regard to these technologies.  The hope is for this information to become more widely known, so that parents and schools will be better equipped to make informed decisions about which technologies schools should be choosing for children and teenagers to use."  (excerpt from website)

Wifi in Schools Australia
​ "WiFi in Schools Australia is made up of parents who have researched the scientific lliterature on the biological effects of EMR and also the background to the ongoing debate.  Parents volunteer their time to help raise awareness on the implications of schools using wireless technology. Some parents involved include those in the IT industry, Environmental Sciences, Child Rights, Education and Journalism."  (exerpt from website)  

Chronic Exposure
This website details the EMF science but notably has compiled and organized research on base stations and their impact on health.

WiFi In Schools
This website was started by a US  parent to inform the community about the science of wireless radiation.  In addition to useful charts comparing  radiation levels to  biological health effects, this comprehensive website contains downloadable letters from experts and resources for parents to share .
A research, education and advocacy organization working nationally and internationally to present the risks of electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies clearly and to empower citizens, governments, health professionals and media to become constructively engaged in creating safer lifestyles, communities and natural environments.

Microwave News
For  30 years, Microwave News has been reporting on the potential health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields and radiation and is recognized as an objective source of information on this controversial subject.

The EMR Policy Institute
Advancing sound public electromagnetic radiation (EMR) public policy. 

Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative
Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative represents informed citizens including parents, scientists, doctors, engineers, and educators.  Our purpose is to raise awareness about, and advocate for, the use of safe, wired technology, rather than the use of wireless technology.  This is based on mounting international evidence and warnings from governments, doctors and scientists alike, linking prolonged microwave radiation exposure to serious health effects, particularly for children.  (Excerpt from Website)

Magda Havas
Based in Canada, Dr. Magda Havas is a leader in the field of electropollution and it's impact on human health.  Her website provides a wealth of information on different aspects of this issue.  

Center for Safer Wireless
Based in Virginia, "the Center for Safer Wireless is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that enhances public understanding of wireless technology and products."

Means for Change
Working to create a healthy future for children by educating and advocating for the reduction of EMFs in our environment.

A charitable organization based in the UK, "MobileWise is here to help young people use mobile phones more safely.  We want every child in the UK to be educated about the potential dangers of mobile phones and how to cut the risks, just as they are about road safety.  We are calling on the government and phone industry to publicise their own health warnings and to give young people the clear information they need to protect themselves."  (excerpt from website)

A gallery of images and maps, visual learning tools for the study of unnatural oscillations -- non-ionizing electromagnetic fields -- and their effects on living tissues and biodiverse systems. (excerpt from website)


Wireless Watch
This website, created by a fellow parent, has critical Documents such as the Declarations of various Doctors and Scientists to the WiFi in Schools Court Case in Oregon.

Switch 2 Safe
The Switch2Safe project exists to inform the public about the dangers of e-pollution and to offer solutions on ways to lower it in the home, at work and in public places.  We also encourage anyone affected or concerned with e-pollution to join us and Spread The Word by posting our informational flyers in eye-catching locations both on-line and in the real world!  (excerpt website)

Wired Child
A non-profit, based in the UK, helps parents and educators to protect children from radiation exposure.

Living Planet:  Birds, Bees and the Environment
This website details the effects of microwave radiation on Birds, Bees and the Environment

Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Network!
This group is based in Ireland and is dedicated to raising awareness on the health effects of Wireless radiation.

Radiation Education:  EMR Safety for Kids by Kids

American Association for Cell Phone Safety
We are a group of ordinary, everyday, citizens, from all walks of life, with no special backgrounds (although we are very special people!) dedicated to protecting people as opposed to corporate profits, from harmful radiation as emitted from cell phones, WIFI, cell towers and antennas. (excerpt from website) Please see their detailed briefing book.

Why Fry
Based in New Mexico, "an ad hoc group of citizens concerned with the long-term health effects of microwave and radiofrequency radiation in our surroundings.  The pages on this site track news articles about their struggles and peer-reviewed research published in leading scientific journals."  (excerpt from website)

Understanding EMFs

Wireless research repository – an excellent resource for parents!