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A selection of informative videos is provided here to help you gain a deeper understanding of this critical issue.


 Learn about the hazards, the research, and what you can do to make healthier choices with your iPad, especially when it comes to your kids!


Did you know laptops should not be placed on your lap?  Learn more about how to use laptops more safely and read some of the research that has been done.

Wifi Routers

Get the facts on Wi-Fi Routers which are very similar to mini-cell phone towers in your home!  Read the fine print warnings here as well.

Cell Phones

Take an in depth look at cell phones and the concerns addressed on this page.  Also includes important information on the fine print warnings no one ever reads!

Baby Monitors

Take an in depth look at baby monitors and the concerns that are addressed on this page.  Also includes research on baby monitors.

Safe Technology

What is considered safe technology?  This section helps to define what that means.  Information on the impacts of technology on human relationships, the environment and other species is also included.

Creating a Safe Home

Specific suggestions are made to help you completely eliminate or reduce exposures to EMF / EMR in your home. 


At Home

We identify the many sources of EMR and EMF present in the modern home and some of the variables that influence risk.  (Fortunately, there are many solutions that can be found to lower risks!)
As we began researching this subject, we found a surprisingly vast amount of resources.  The information was new to us and lead us to reconsider what had been known as safe, fun, and convenient.

An initial reaction to new information is sometimes disbelief and skepticism.  It may challenge your current beliefs about wireless technology, or it may confirm what you had suspected.

Hopefully, it will enable you to take action to protect your family and to spread the
word to your neighbors and friends.

We are parents and community, just like you.  Please read and browse this very important information and take action on behalf of those who are counting on us for their health and well being, our children

We also have a wonderful compilation of Articles and Science if you want to dig even deeper.

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