Common Sense
After discussing the "possible" health effects of wireless radiation, Councilman Rodney Roberts calls upon our "common sense" to make a thoughtful decision.

Every citizen can go to their city or state council and ask that they raise awareness on the health risks of wireless devices.  These documents can be used to inform your elected officials:

1. The Environmental Health Trust Doctor's Advice on Cell Phone Safety Brochure

2. The BabySafe Project Flyer

3. A List of the Fine Print Warnings that instruct users to keep a distance with cell phones.

4. The San Francisco Cell Phone Information

5. Expert letters from Dr. Herbert and Dr. Carpenter

6. Quotes from US organizations on EMF fields.

7. The Pembroke Pines Resolution

8. Dr. Moskowitz: Some Tips to Reduce Exposure.

9. American Academy of Pediatrics letter in Support of the Cell Phone Right to Know Act.

10. EHT's Ten Simple Steps to Reduce Exposure

11. The Greenbelt Letter to the FCC

Please go to the Environmental Health Trust Proclamation Page for more on getting a wireless proclamation in your town.

Please go to  SafeSchoolspg for more resources and information on the PG County Maryland Cell Tower fight.

Jimmy Gonzalez was a Florida attorney who developed brain cancer after ten years of cell phone use.  Jimmy also developed tumors in his hand and torso, underneath where he carried his cell phone.

Watch his powerful speech HERE  which resulted in the City passing a 2012 Cell Phone Radiation Resolution alerting citizens to the fine print warnings in their cell phones.

He passed away November 27, 2014 .  We respect his courage and will continue the work he started.

Jimmy Gonzalez'  Story

Health Risks of Wireless Radiation

Testimony is given to urge the Council raise awareness about cell phone and wireless radiation.

Oppose School Cell Towers

Testimony to Call for action on school cell towers.

Petitions to the Greenbelt Council on October 27, 2014

Keep the Cell Phone out of The Bra

Traci Frantz wrote a letter to the Council describing her daughter Tiffany's battle with breast cancer after she stored her cell phone in her bra for five years.  She urged the Council to inform the community about the fine print warnings.

The Tiffany Frantz Story

Simple Steps Reduce Exposure
Mayor Emmett Jordan responds he "uses a headset" after he hears the petition to alert citizens to the fine print warnings on wireless devices.
Council Letter to the FCC
The Council  drafts a letter to the FCC calling for radiation standards that protect children and pregnant woman.

The Council Calls on the  FCC to "Protect Human Health."

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Greenbelt Stands Up to the CTIA

The CTIA Sent a Letter

The Council received a letter from the CTIA, the Wireless Association, trying to pursuade them from taking action.  They were not swayed. Watch them discuss this.

Safety Concerns and

Lowered Property Values

Mayor Pro Tem Judith Davis describes how cell towers lower property values and raise serious safety concerns for children.   

Reasons Why Cell Towers Do NOT Belong on School Grounds

 The Greenbelt City Council Takes Action

On November 24, 2014 the Greenbelt Maryland City Council voted unanimously to:

  • Alert citizens to the health risks of wireless devices and simple steps to reduce radiation exposure by distributing brochures at health fairs.
  • Write a letter to the FCC calling for standards that protect health. Download the Letter HERE. 
  • Oppose cell towers on school grounds and write letters to elected officials voicing their concerns.

These actions were initiated after the county school board signed a no bid leasing deal with a cell tower leasing company making 73 schools " available" as cell tower sites, setting off huge protests and the formation of a MD State Coalition against Cell Towers at Schools.

Parents researched wireless radiation and called for Safe Schools. Greenbelt is located minutes from Washington DC.  Listen to the wise words of the Council as they deliberate in the videos below.

National Association for Children and Safe Technology

In Your Town

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We Do Not Like Cell Towers

Councilman Edward Putens  talks about how "We do not like cell towers in Greenbelt, particularly on school sites."

Could My Cell Phone Hurt Me ? 

Councilman Rodney Roberts speaks to his concerns about discovering a cell phones could potentially impact his health. His words sentiment expressed by many of us as we learned about this issue.

What Action Can We Take?

Listen to the Council discuss what actions they can take to oppose the school board  cell tower leasing agreement.

"We Have Always Opposed This"

The Community Can Take Action to Voice Concerns

Florida City Adopts

Cell Phone Precautionary

Health Warnings