National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Looking for materials to give to your school teacher or administrator? The Environmental Health Trust has prepared several scientific documents that explain the health risks of wireless and solutions for schools. 
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The above are only a few of the excellent resources available to spread the word. Please go to our links section to look at what other organizations have created for the community. For example, Switch2Safe has a full list of printable flyers and signs.
This warm and friendly sign can be printed out for your door, letting people know to turn their cell phones off before coming in.
Door Signs
"Five Top Safety Tips" is an excellent and  comprehensive two sided card to hand out by the Women's Initiative to Reduce ElectroSmog. Print this on a Postcard sized card.
Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation" Dr. Moskowitz developed this one page handout of critical Safety Tips .
See also:
A comprehensive document  by WIFI in Schools UK detailing the scientific rationale  for caution with wireless technology and children.

Compiled by David Morrison of Oregon's Wireless Watch  as a state legislative briefing in 2014.

This document was made by Wifi In Schools U.K. in 2011 detailing the risks of wireless radiation. 
The Environmental Health Trust's  Safety Card outlines simple tips on practicing safe tech.  It can be printed on a postcard sized card.

 Dr. Joel Moskowitz created this one page flyer for a town hall meeting featuring the FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.  His flyer explains why current safety standards are inadequate to protect health.

Safety Tips for Families

Briefing Books

Developed by medical doctors and the Environmental Health Trust, this colorful bifold brochure details safety tips for cell phones. EHT has this downloadable on their website in several languages.
iPads:  Are our Children Safe?  This one page Green Gazette Magazine article is useful for sharing information on iPads with other parents .
iPad Warnings: This two page iPad flyer shows pictures of the iPad and where it's antennae are located.  It details the recommendations stated in the instruction manual.
WIFI in Schools:  This colorful two page flyer by the Canadian  Parents for Safe Schools details the scientific calls for caution with wireless in schools.


Advocating for Safety in Schools

Flyers & Briefing Books

We have selected a few resources to help parents advocate for safety in schools.  These printable resources can be shared with school administrators, teachers and other parents.  They are easy to understand and will help you enlighten others. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see everything we have to share.