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As parents we are on a journey and we do the best we can.

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Healthy Child Healthy World

This organization was founded parents who lost their daughter Colette  to cancer.

They raise awareness on children's
environmental health issues.

Read their post on Kids and Electronics

Check out their Site to Learn More.

Does Your Family Have a Digital Media Plan?

Create a Digital Media Plan for your family using resources provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics!

Resources for Families

When you talk to your family, your teen or grandparents it is helpful to have printed information with simple steps on safe technology.

No Choice?

Sometimes we are in situations where we must use WiFi.  Teach your family to:

  • Keep it Short and at a  distance:  Use the device on a table at arms length.

Healthy Bedrooms

and Sleep

A good night's rest  is critical to children's development and learning.  Memories are consolidated, cells rejuvenate and recent research even suggests that the brain clears toxins out every night when we sleep.

Microwave radiation and the blue light from screens have been shown to impact sleep integrity.

  • Clear bedrooms free of screens.
  • Stop using screens at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Power off all wireless devices and routers at night.
  • Use battery powered alarm clocks as electric clocks emit high electric fields shown to impact melatonin.

National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Creating a Safe Home

Digital Baby Monitors
Safety Tips from Dr. Moskowitz
Center for Family and Community Health
University of California, Berkeley

  • Reduce children’s exposure to wireless radiation.
  • Discourage their use of wireless devices and use hardwired networks where possible.
  • Turn off wi-fi on devices being used by kids.
  • Campaign with other parents to use hardwired networks in schools to provide Internet access.
  • Educate children to use wireless technology safely.

Read the rest of
his  Safey Tips HERE.
The Environmental Working Group, EWG
is an indispensable resource for information on Healthy Homes!

Cell Phone Guide
Food Shopping Guide  Learn how to choose produce with the least pesticides
Skin Deep Guide Choose products with the least chemicals.
Cell Phones
  •  USE a Speakerphone or headset.  An airtube headset is best.
  •  Store Phone away from Body. (Do NOT keep phone in  bra or pants pocket)
  •  Do NOT sleep with your phone .
  • Keep your phone in airplane mode/WiFi off to use alarm or tools.
  •  Always Keep cell phones OFF in the car.

Distance, Time and Power: You can decrease your exposure by keeping your phone at a distance from your body and  decreasing the time it is in use and turned on.  Be mindful of your children when you are using a wireless device.  You can decrease exposure by using your phone when it has good reception.  When your phone is in areas of low reception it uses higher power to reach the cell tower.

Children and Cell Phones
  • Children should not use cell phones except in emergencies.
  • Teach children SAFER phone use.
  • Teach teens ways to minimize exposures.

Home Cordless Phones
DECT Home Cordless home phone bases emit 24 hour radiation.  The handset emits radiation just like your cell phone.
  • Replace Cordless phones with old fashioned wired ones.
  • Purchase longer handset cords for your phone so you can move around a room if needed.

With a Wifi router in your home you are exposed from the routers as well as the wireless devices connected to them.
  •  Hard Wire all your computers.
  •  Get a wired modem from your internet provider and run ethernet cords to the areas where computers are in use.
  • If you must use WiFi, turn it on only when in use.  Be sure to turn it off at night and locate it in a room far from your bedroom or living space.  A timer on the modem is an excellent tool. We still  recommend no wifi.

Laptops and Tablets 
  • Keep them on  airplane mode/WIFI off or use a wired internet connection.
  • Never place them  on your lap.  Laptops also emit  magnetic fields at high levels.  Using the device on a table minimizes these fields.
  • Buy tablets that can be wired.

Other Wireless Devices

Remember that if a device is wireless it probably is regularly transmitting even when it is not in use.  Turning the power off eliminates  the radiation.  We recommend:
  • Wired gaming consoles.
  • Wired baby monitors can be placed at the other end of the room:  use them only when necessary.
  • Always turn off these devices when not in use.

Smart Meters
This type of electrical meter emits short but intense pulsed microwave radiation day and night.  In some communities you can request a non-radiating meter.
  •  OPT out of Smartmeters.  Contact your local Smartmeter Awareness group.
  • Go to StopSmartmeters for more information.
There is much more to learn but the above steps are key to start.

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