National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Child Development

Truce: Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment
- A national group of educators deeply concerned about how children's entertainment and toys are affecting the play and behavior of children in classrooms.

They have Screen Free Play Guides

and Toy Buying Guides HERE.

Concerned Educators for a Safe Environment: A network of parents, teachers and other concerned individuals who are dedicated to creating a safe world for our children.
The Alliance for Childhood

This organization promotes policies that promote children's healthy development, love of learning and joy in play.

Please read these Documents :
Research Based Case for Recess

Facing the Screen Dilemma
Young Children, Technology and Early Education

The Alliance for Childhood

The iPad POTTY Seat.
Does this Make Sense to you?
The Campaign for a
Commercial Free Childhood
This organization advocates for policies to protect children from harmful commercial marketing. They called attention to this IPAD Potty and the IPAD Bouncy Seat.
Children reach developmental milestones throughout their childhood.  According to a growing number of scientists, medical experts and other health professionals, the use of technology by children either actively or passively has the potential to affect their physical, mental, social and emotional development significantly.  We should ALL be mindful of children's developmental needs when considering the use of technology, whether it be in our homes, schools or elsewhere.

Websites to learn more about developmental stages:
Zero to Three
Ages & Stages
University of Michigan

Information specifically on brain development:
Better Brains for Babies / Brain Timeline
Zero to Three / Baby Brain Map

Activities for children that promote healthy development:

Technology, various stages of childhood & potential impacts:

Moving to Learn
Zone In
The Impact of Technology on Child Sensory and Motor Development

Real Battle Ministries on video addiction

The American Academy of Pediatrics has published policy statements regarding children and media:
Media Use by Children Younger than 2 Years
Children, Adolescents and the Media