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Steps You Can Take

1. Gather Information
What companies are involved?  Who is leasing the space?  Who are the decision makers?

2. Understand the Issue
Cell Towers can galvanize people who have concerns about several different issues including:

Lowered property values: Can you imagine looking up at the sky and seeing a cell tower in your landscape?  Even disguised as trees they are ugly.
Health issues related to the radiation:  No proof of safety exists.  Several studies have shown increased cancer risks in people living close to cell towers.

Safety issues: Workers will be going in and out of the area.  Background checks are often not required.  Cell towers have caught on fire.  They are run with high power electrical lines.  Workers fall from cell towers.  Cell towers fall.  Accidents happen.  Many cell towers are built on school grounds near ball parks and playgrounds.  This does not make sense from a safety standpoint.

Birds: Indeed, many groups have successfully stopped cell towers based on the potential impacts to bird migratory patterns and bird health.

 3. Organize
Hand out flyers to parents.  Get the PTA involved.  Start speaking to local homeowners associations so they can understand this issue.  Everyone has a stake in this.  The only entity gaining anything here is the cell tower company.  Should schools be commercial enterprises?  It is important to get as many members of the community involved as possible.  Their concerns will be different but they will all share the same goal.

4. Start Writing
Letters must be written and sent to the decision makers.  Be sure to CC your local government such as your state delegates, your senator and the superintendent of schools.  Have an email list prepared so that concerned citizens can cut and paste that list to send off their emails.   Also, prepare a list of addresses and names so that real letters can be sent out.  A letter writing campaign is a cornerstone of such actions.  Let your voice be heard! 

5. Start Speaking
Go to school board meetings and use your three minutes.  Bring a group of concerned citizens.  Some of us have never spoken in public before.  Help them prepare remarks.  Show your strength in numbers.  Let your voice be heard!

6. Keep the Community Updated

Concerned citizens need to stay updated on the situation.  You could start a webpage, a listserve and/or  a Facebook page to send out action alerts and post updates as the decision making process unfolds. 

7. Reach Out to the Media
Reach out to your local newpaper,, TV stations  and journalists.  Get them information and tell them about your concerns so that they can cover this issue and reach a larger audience. ​
If a cell tower has been proposed on your child's school or near your home, the time is NOW to take action.  Countless communities have been successful in stopping towers by organizing the community with a strong voice.  Here is a useful guide.

More resources available here.

Taking Action On Cell Towers

Ready to Write?

If you are taking action please see our webpage with in depth information on what questions to ask and information to share.
Cell Tower in Depth Page

Please also visit other Cell Tower pages  mentioned on this page to read the letters written in support of banning  towers on school grounds.
January 2011 Letter from the Housatonic River Commission to the Connecticut Sitting Council on a  proposed Cell Tower. This letter includes useful Research Studies.

 Important Documents

1. The US Department of the Interior spoke out  out about cell tower radiation and bird health in 2014.  Read this Press Release and download the letter.  Be sure to read page 5.

2. The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) has a formal position on locating cell towers on fire department facilities based on health concerns, read here.

See the IAFF Supreme Court Amicus Brief here.

Dr. Anthony Miller is a Senior Scientist to the International Agency for the Research on Cancer.  We hope every parent watches his testimony.  He states that the evidence of cancer risk has increased since 2011.  

Social Justice

The Parent's Coalition of Montgomery County has found that in Montgomery County Maryland cell towers are more often placed on schools where there are more students with free lunches.:
(Red Zone Schools. )  See this article Here.

If you search within this excellent blog  you will find countless articles about cell tower issues .
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