Save the Males poster

SAVE the MALES Campaign Poster
from The Radiation Research Trust

Keep Phones Out of Pockets

Cell Phone in Your Bra?

The Poster above is from EHT's Campaign to raise awareness on breast cancer and cell phones.   Go to their site to learn more. Cell phones and bras do not mix.

Keep Cell Phones Out of Your Bra



Is your cell phone your alarm clock?
Turn Airplane mode ON, WiFI OFF.
Your alarm will still work.
Protect your Brain!

Senate Bill SB 2571 proposed this label

All phones have fine print warnings stating the phone should be held a distance from the head.

Use a Headset or Speakerphone

Prefer a home corded phone

Limit time on cell phones

  • Cell phones emit microwave radiation.
  • Cell Phones are NOT supposed to be held touching your head.
  • Cell Phones have manufacturer's fine print warnings stating they should be held a certain distance away from your head and are NOT to be held near the pregnant abdomen.
  • Cell Phones emit radiation all the time- even if the phone is not in use.
Cell phones  focus microwave radiation directly to our brains.  Countries around the world are taking action to minimize cell phone use by children.  Belgium just banned cell phones for kids due to these health issues.  Several countries are ensuring that consumers know the radiation levels of phones and that headsets are sold with them.  See our International Action page.

National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Cell Phones

RT Truthseeker on Cell Phone Research and

Cell Phone Lawsuits.

An excellent video all should watch.

See the radiation from  a cell phone.

Cell Phone Under
your Pillow?
Examples of Some Fine Print Warnings


Cell Phone in the Car?

Radiation bounces around  the metal car frame resulting in up to four fold radiation exposure  to you and the children in the car.

The phone is always checking in with the next nearby cell tower as the car moves and these pulses are short but very intense.


Turn the Phone OFF

in the car