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My name is Olle Johansson, and I am an associate professor, heading the Experimental Dermatology Unit at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute in the Department of Neuroscience. 

I have studied the health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields from various gadgets, such as powerlines, cell phones, WiFi, lap-top computers, routers, and tablets, for many years, and I have also worked to inform the general public about possible health risks from electromagnetic fields. 

It is important that people understand that there are real risks associated with exposure to the radiation emitted by cell phones and similar gadgets. We know that exposure to this radiation may impact DNA, leading to possible cancer risks, it can alter our immune defence, and also affects male and female germ cells and fertility. Beyond government regulations, it is imperative that each person educates themself and employs safer methods when using their mobile devices. The complete lack of biologically-based exposure standards or hygienic safety levels by our health protection agencies, and the lack of preventive actions, can turn out to be a huge mistake. To not act today would be deemed ethically and morally completely corrupt in the future, and this is particularly important when it comes to our children’s environment. Nowadays school children report severe headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, and insomnia possibly associated with the cumulative and prolonged exposure to various electromagnetic fields from routers, tablets, cell phones, other computers, etc. in their school environment. This assumption is backed by laboratory studies published in peer review-based scientific journals. 

Many times since the early 1980's I have pointed to that the public’s usage of cell phones has become the largest full-scale biological and medical experiment ever with mankind, and I was also the first person to firmly point out that this involuntary exposure violates the Nuremberg Code's principles for human experimentation, which clearly states that voluntary consent of human subjects is absolutely essential. Among many effects seen, the very serious one is the deterioration of the genome. Such an effect - if seen in a food item under development or in a potential pharmaceutical drug - immediately would completely ban it from further marketing and sale - genotoxic effects are not to be allowed or spread. Furthermore, when men place cell phones in their front pocket, it should be noted that experimental studies have demonstrated that after similar exposures there is a decrease in sperm count as well as in the quality of sperm, which is a phenomenon that could affect society’s overall ability to procreate in the future. Experiments in mice point to that it may be true already in 5 generations time.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has cancer-classified the electromagnetic fields utilized by all our everyday gadgets; the operators refuse liability for them; the manufacturers tell you to keep them at least one inch away from your body (which effectively will result in you violating their instruction the moment you touch them); and the world's insurance companies do not take any form of responsibility for them. For me, all of this is very, very telling..

.In summary, electromagnetic fields may be among the most serious and overlooked health issues today, and having these fields checked and remediated may be essential for health protection and restoration, and is a must for persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity. In addition, as recently discussed in a think-tank group here in Stockholm it is very important to constantly educate oneself and participate in the general debate and public discussions to keep the information build-up active. Thus, it is of paramount importance to keep the "kettle boiling", never blindly trusting or accepting given 'facts', but only read and think for yourself and for your loved ones. Only so you can arrive at a genuinely working precautionary principle, as given by the current Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative. 

Finally, mark my words: In the future, I do not want to have to write a report titled "Too Late Lessons from Early Warnings"... 

With my very best regards

Yours sincerely

Olle Johansson 

(Olle Johansson, associate professor

The Experimental Dermatology Unit

Department of Neuroscience

Karolinska Institute

171 77 Stockholm


Olle Johannson