Kerry Crofton, PhD

Most parents and school boards today are unknowingly and unnecessarily placing students at risk.

Dr. Lennart Hardell and other leading scientists are raising the medical alert about the clear evidence of harm to human health from wireless microwaves – the radio-frequency (RF) radiation used in WiFi and mobile communication devices. 

31 scientists with the World Health Organization recognized RF radiation as a threat to human health. Their 2011 report reclassified it as a 2B carcinogen – in the  same category as lead, DDT and car exhaust. The experts on this panel also recommended "pragmatic measures to reduce RF exposure". 

Dr. Hardell is one of the researchers urging The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, to classify RF as 2A – probably carcinogenic to humans.

Wireless microwaves are an environmental health hazard. Children and young people are most at risk as their skulls are thinner and brains more aqueous. Yes, we want students to be tech-savvy; they can achieve this essential skill with safer wired and/or fibre optic connections and stay healthy. There is no reason to place them in harm's way when safer technology is readily available.

There are also significant behavioural and social concerns for children's wellbeing with the unprecedented amount of screen time on digital devices.

May I suggest an excellent resource by the UK neuroscientist Dr Starkey:

National Association for Children and Safe Technology