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You Can Use the IPad with a Wired Connection

The ipad can connect to the internet using ethernet cable to any standard router or modem: You need an ethernet-usb adaptor, an ipad-usb adaptor and an active usb hub.

Please watch this Youtube video to the right  to get the specifics.  It will lead you through each step and even gives a shopping list.

Solutions Exist.

WIFI is not necessary.

Young Children and IPads

(The issue  of crying.)

Does your child cry if they cannot use the iPad?
Does your child cry when you try to take the iPad away?
Do you feel conflicted about how long you let your child play with the iPad?

Trust your instincts!  As parents we can set reasonable boundaries on screen time.
Children cry.  That's OK.
Children also cry when you buckle them in a car seat or tell them it is time to leave a playdate.  Sometimes chidren cry when we tell them it is bedtime.  As long as we are kind and consistent, our children will understand boundaries. Let's support parents setting thoughtful tech guidelines in their homes.

Parents CAN set Limits on Screen Time.  Parents CAN ensure Tech is used Safely.

But how do I deal with the crying?   Parents can be empathtic and say "oh I know!  It is hard to say goodbye, but the iPad is going to sleep now".  Your child will be Ok.  It is just another healthy limit.

Something to Consider:
When we eat too much food our stomach tells us we are full.  We have no mechanism for technology that lets lets us know we are "full".   It seems that everywhere we are being told "more" is "better".  NACST believes children need a balance.  More is not always better.  Let's support each other in thoughtful tech limits.

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age:
The Science of Paper versus Screens
Scientific American 

"E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular as such technologies improve, but research suggests that reading on paper still boasts unique advantages".
Read the Article Here.

Parents for Safe Schools 
on iPad Safety

  • Never let your child hold an iPad in portrait mode on his/her lap or near his chest, where microwave radiation is penetrating through internal organs.
  •  Never let your child hold an iPad in landscape mode with his/her hands covering the constantly transmitting antennas and absorbing microwave radiation directly into their bodies.
  • Never put an iPad under your child’s pillow or close to his body while he is sleeping.
  • Never give an iPad to a child unless the iPad’s airplane mode is turned on AND the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas are turned off.

Putting an iPad on ‘airplane mode’ will initially turn off all antennas; however, WiFi and Bluetooth antennas can be re-activated respectively without switching off the airplane mode.

An iPad showing ‘airplane mode’ is not a guarantee that all the antennas are off.  It is important to check the antennas separately to ensure they are ALL turned ‘Off’.

In addition, when the WiFi function on an iPad shows “Not Connected,” it does not mean the antenna is off, it only means the iPad is not logged onto any available network.  The WiFi antenna is still sending out microwave radiation.
Green Gazette Article on iPads

Learn More.

Written by a member of the WiFi Safety Committee of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils who studied the issue for three years.

(Click Here Page 6.)

Babies prefer iPads to their mother

ABC news video.


NACST wants parents, teachers and children to know this information.  We see children holding iPads up to their chests and circles of children gathered around an iPad allowing microwave radiation to penetrate through their internal organs.  Pregnant women should also take special care.

What can we do? 

Turn the iPad onto airplane mode.  Turn the WiFi off.  Then the radiation STOPS.

We encourage you to follow these simple safety instructions.
Safe Use of iPads and Tablets

1.  Airplane Mode turned ON
2.  WiFi turned OFF
3.  iPad placed on the table and not held in the hands or rested on the lap
4.  Apps download should be done via wired connection.

If you must use WiFi, then we recommend that wireless downloading be done when children are not present.  We call on Apple to make an adapter so that iPads can be 100% safely wired for Internet connections.

This image is a two page flyer by Parents for Safe Schools.  This flyer is  available for you to download  in our Flyers section.

Get the FACTS about iPads

  • iPads emit constant bursts of radiation about every 4 Seconds
  • That means up to 900 times an hour.
  •  iPads have up to 5 operational antennas emitting radiation.
  • The beacon signal radiation occurs even if the Internet is NOT being used.
  •  iPads have fine print warnings recommending the user aim the cellular antennae "away from the body" to avoid exceeding FCC standards.